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Lashes Extension Kit Fluffy 20mm

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Elevate your lash game with our Lashes Extension Kit Fluffy 20mm Lash Clusters! Perfect for DIY clusters eyelash extensions at home, this kit includes everything you need to create a flawless lash look.

  • Fluffy 20mm Lash Clusters: These D curl individual lashes are designed to add volume and length to your lashes, giving you a bold and dramatic look.
  • Lash Bond and Seal: The lash bond securely holds the extensions in place while the seal adds extra protection and shine.
  • Lash Applicator: Easily apply the lash clusters with our specially designed applicator for precision placement every time.

This kit is perfect for those who love full, fluffy lashes without having to go to a salon. Plus, it’s made in the UK with only top-quality ingredients so you can trust that it’s safe for your eyes.

  • Allergen Information: See description
  • Period after opening: This product lasts up to 6 months after opening so you can enjoy long-lasting results.

Elevate your natural beauty with our Fluffy Lashes Extension Kit – perfect for achieving stunning eyelashes at home!


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