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Funny Garden Rabbit Sculpture

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Captivating and Vibrant Design
Weatherproof and Long-Lasting
Versatile Decoration
Perfect Gift for Any Occasion



  • Material and Size: Crafted from durable resin, our Miniature rabbit sculptures are built to last, resistant to corrosion and aging. With sizes ranging from 2.4 * 2.7 cm to 4.2 * 1.8 cm, they offer a variety of options to enhance your garden decor.
  • Captivating and Vibrant Design: Meticulously hand-painted with exquisite details, our funny rabbit sculptures feature adorable designs that come to life with a lifelike and vibrant appearance. The charming ornaments, including the adorable rabbits, small house, baskets, and carrot accessory, infuse your outdoor space with whimsy and joy, creating an atmosphere of warmth and delight.


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